The Darkness We Carry

Elizabeth arrives on Bridger Island shattered and alone. leaving her alcoholic fiance in San Francisco, she is desperate to escape the emotional pain that continues to plague her. What she finds is the sinister reality of her family's secrets, bringing her into the depths of her dark past. She discovers the story of her great grandmother Hannah and the tortured life she lived, realizing that trauma has been with her family longer than anyone ever knew. elizabeth must face the harsh truth of her life and find the light she never knew existed. 

A Daughter of The King
Isabelle Colette is a young girl living in La Rochelle, France at a time when freedom was reserved for those who lived by the rules of the crown. she must fight the barriers of religion, poverty, class, and gender. what she faces is a formidable journey, and an unexpected opportunity to have what no woman in 17th-century France has- power. 


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