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In the mid-1600’s a group of about 800 women left their lives of poverty in France and set sail for a new life in colonial Canada to help populate the region near the ever-important fur trade. These incredibly brave women were referred to as "Daughters of the King" (Les Filles du Roi). Two-thirds of French Canadians can trace their ancestry to one or more of these trail blazers. I discovered this story in researching my husband’s ancestry and found that he is descended from at least three dozen Filles du Roi.

Imagine — living as an orphan, being poor and helpless, and the King offers you a chance to sail to the new world with a dowry, new clothes, protection, and the label of being an honorary daughter of the king. In Canada, the women interviewed the settlers and chose their husbands. They had the power to break marriage contracts or not marry at all if they wish. Once they chose their husband, they were gifted land, the beginnings of a farm, and money to start their new life. The more babies they had, the more money they received.

Coming December 2021, my latest novel Daughter of the King, tells the story of Isabelle Colette, a nineteen-year-old Protestant living in La Rochelle France. King Louis (a Catholic) ordered the conversion of all Protestants. Huguenots, as they were called, were horribly persecuted, tormented and murdered for keeping their faith. Isabelle fights the powers of France, as well as her devout and controlling mother. She must decide to either die for her faith or turn on her convictions by converting to Catholicism and starting a new life in Quebec, Canada.

Book 1 of a three-book series, Daughter of the King is the result of endless research, early mornings, and crafting a heroine that we all could believe in. I hope you find a little of Isabelle in yourself as you follow her through this captivating adventure. Daughter of the King will be released by Black Rose Publishing in time for Christmas 2021.

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The National Geographic drama Barkskins, tells the story of early Quebec, the Filles du Roi, and the struggles of early life among Native tribes.

Thank you all for your support. I can’t wait to share Isabelle’s story with you!

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