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When Middle Age Is A Beginning

You know that saying, "Middle age is where your dreams get replaced by your memories"? Well that's played out and I am NOT here for it. Doesn't it feel like once we have a family and a mortgage and a career that the weight of responsibility starts to crush our ability to take adventures? I have a proposal for you- what if we all start looking at middle age as the time when we finally have the balls to live the life we want?

I have said this before and I will say it now- The first half of my life I had not developed the emotional maturity to write the way I wanted. I was too insecure, too worried what others would think of me. I went through an awakening when I hit 40. I could no longer live by the idea someone else set out for me...and that includes the younger version of myself.

You want to learn a language? Start playing an instrument? Learn to fly a plane or raise chickens? Guess what- you are more yourself now then you ever were before. Now is the time to start the adventures because we know ourselves and our passions intimately after several decades of finding out what we don't want.

I know parenting is hard. And juggling work and sports and marriage and cleaning and don't forget self care! is constantly pulling at your attention. Elizabeth Gilbert says that we get 2 great hours a day-who do you give those hours to? If you are giving them to the vacuum then I suggest you re-evaluate.

Your children will follow your lead. Show them they should never give up on what they truly want to do, even if it feels frivolous.

I do not plan on wilting away in a steady decline towards my geriatric years. I am just getting started writing my own story. I would love it if you joined me.

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Naomi Shippen
Naomi Shippen
Oct 31, 2019

I couldn't agree more! I certainly use my two hours a day for writing - and then some!

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