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What's an ARC Team?

Advanced reader copies are great for many reasons. Not only do they generate buzz for your books, but you can start to build reviews on sites like Goodreads and NetGalley (Amazon doesn't allow you to review until publication day). Plus, we love to get our books in the hands of readers who support us.

Did you know that reviews are one of the best ways to support your favorite authors? It can be as simple as one sentence "Great book" or "Loved the characters." It's how we gain traction in the oh-so-challenging world of publishing.

I'll be providing two ARC teams in the coming months for my historical releases: My adult historical fiction Daughter of the Shadows, and my young adult historical fiction, Chasing Eleanor. What's the difference? Check out my blog post about book categories here:

But why would you give your book away for free? Here's the truth...Most authors (myself included) care most about reaching their ideal readers, and less about how much money we make while we're building our brand. Who is my ideal reader? It's taken a while to narrow down what each of my books has in common, but here it is:

  • Women in history

  • Action-adventure

  • Kickass heroines

  • Young women taking on the world

  • Found family

  • First love

  • A touch of magic

I've written in different spaces of the historical market- historical thriller, YA historical, historical women's fiction, humorous young adult, and historical fantasy. But all those labels do is help your book land in the vast world of marketing. At their heart, all my books focus on young women finding their voice and their place in the world through new and challenging relationships.

So if this sounds like something you'd enjoy, hit me up! Join my newsletter here:

I'll be posting ARC signups soon.

~Sip Coffee, Savor Books



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